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The Journey...: Welcome


By Wesley J Cathey

Love can be beautiful
Love can be misery
Love can be hope in life
In death, love becomes tragedy

Love is the light in your dreams, it is the darkness in silence and in it you can hear the loneliest screams.

Love is life and death of a flower. Love is remembering it in its final hour.

Love is a shadow
Love is a mystery
Love brings hope
Love brings tragedy

The Journey...: About
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By Wesley J Cathey

The ocean's breeze, the falling waves
The day becomes night but here I'll stay
Thinking of you and what forever means
Thinking of two hearts from under the Moon's beam.

The chill in the air catches me
As I look around
I imagine your face looking back
I see your body's shadow on the ground

To make love to you now
Under the stars, under this magical blackness that engulfs us. A dream to be real, all around me your touch I still feel and it makes me tremble so

Come to me into this forever
Hand in hand, our love shall be the treasure
For the world to discover. My friend. My lover. Our bodies bound as the shrine, two souls, two spirits, a bondage so divine.

My eyes close, I drift into dream
I see you
Your face, perfection as if from a painting adorning the most pristine halls of times gone before
Walk with me, through the sands of time
Take my hand
Take me, my love
Forever more

The Journey...: About


By Wesley J Cathey

All that you desire is within
Close your eyes
Be still

You will see much more than you could possibly see with eyes wide open.

You are the entire story
written in words of love
The candle
never blown out by the wind
The divinity
Eternal energy
The light that shines in
Through a darkness that tries to control
It can't touch your soul
For, this darkness has never faced anything
Like the power you hold.

Be still
And breathe
The silence becomes louder than the words
That surround you here
They hold no value
You no longer have to adhere
To the lies that you were told
You no longer have to fear

You are the heart
That loves, that lives
You are everything
Now, show your wings
Fly above this place
You are much more than a mind
Much more than just a face

Now, allow this to bring you home
Allow the truth to show
Follow where your soul leads you to
You are everything
You are the universe
You are whole

Be still
Block out the energies
That do not serve who you are
For, you are the world
To me
To every single soul
You are the entire story
Written from the stars.

The Journey...: About


By Wesley J Cathey

To my lower self,

I forgive you for building unstable foundations and wearing masks so that the outside couldn't see what I could see you are capable of becoming. You didn't know that you are beautiful, that you have so much to offer this world. You couldn't see the magic you possess and how powerful your truest intentions could be. You believed that you were all of the fears and doubts and that you could never become anything beyond what this world could know. You hid, you ran away from me but, yet, I was always here, ready to show you your gifts. I love you, I know who you are when no one else knew the real you. I've always been here and I always will be.

The time of cleansing and clearing old cycles is now before you. New beginnings and trusting in me. I won't let you fall back down and stay down. I will always pick you back up, brush you off and reaffirm to you that YOU are magic and YOU are a star that shines brightly in a world that can't see stars without seeing the rust in their own reflections. I'm here now, I love you, I'm not leaving you. I am your soul and your spirit.

I AM......

~~ your highest self

The Journey...: About


By Wesley J Cathey

Would you love me if I took off the crown?
I don't own this throne
Would you care if I shed the masks?
None of which I own

I must ask, because i'm too scared to touch fantasy
If I step into reality
You would see, the scars that bound me

I often reflect, what I must appear
In a world that never changes
What I must adhere
I must keep my heart in this cage

For if I touch this fantasy
You would feel the real me
You might have the power
To set me free.

The Journey...: About
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